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Photorito extension. Remove from New tab

Photorito hijacker

Photorito is a untrustworthy extension that claims to enhance your browsing experience. It seems attractive as it has the functionality to change the homepage and new tab background image after every 6 hours of interval. Despite having such feature, it has been marked as a potentially unwanted program as well as browser hijacker. The reason being, Photorito distributed through various monetizing platforms or clicking on third party adverts promoting the extension. Once you add this extension to your browser, it will do the following changes:

  • Replaces the search engine preferences to hxxp://,
  • Reads and changes all the data on the visited website;
  • Manage your apps, extensions and themes.
  • Replace the page you see when opening a new tab.
  • Identifies user’s physical location,
  • Redirects search queries to third-party sites.

Photorito extension modifies the new tab, search engine and homepage of the attacked browser without seeking user’s permission. Thus, whenever user performs any searches through its search bar it automatically redirects to or third-party sites that quickly tracks the browsing data and then the results are displayed through These intermediate domains are meant to collects browsing information of users like visited site info, searched keywords, IP address and so on to use them in advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, Photorito is an Adware that is not intended to assist you while browsing and put your privacy at high risk.


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