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Remove Auto PC Booster 2018(Fake system tool)

What is Auto PC Booster 2018?

Auto PC Booster 2018 is a system utility that is promoted via This tool is claims to keep your computer system error free and helps in smooth running. You can download this tool from the above mentioned website that firstly gives a 30-days trial period which does not allow users to use the full features of Auto PC Booster 2018. After the trial period ends, users are recommended to buy the full version of the tool which costs $19.95.
Auto PC Booster 2018 and AutoClean Pro 2018 are owned by the same company called PCVARK Software Pvt. Both has similar features and goals, just like Auto PC Booster 2018, this tool is also considered to be as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). Such program are only designed to attract users with its fake promises, but is only aimed to earn profit and distribute advertisements. Your system could never be secured till Auto PC Booster 2018 is present. It is better to remove this rogue system tool and not pay any money for this.
Users should think twice before spending money on such fake programs and quickly opt for removal solution to detect and remove all its associated programs.



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