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Tag: Remove Bridge.inf Miner Program

Bridge.inf Malicious File Removal Guide

What is Bridge.inf file

Bridge.inf is a setup information file that is used by cyber offenders to host malware and other malicious programs on to the infected PC. As its extension “inf” is a file that is associated with installation of software programs like drivers.

Thus, Bridge.inf file can be associated with hosting malicious program that can inject any trojan, malware or spyware threats without user’s knowledge.

Such threat are purposefully dropped on the targeted PC by the cyber criminals and hacker for various illegal motives.

These are:

  • Steal private and confidential data
  • Collects cookies data
  • Allow the installation of other Adware and malicious programs
  • Hampers the performance of the attacked computer.
  • Modifies various system settings to allow hackers to control the activities of the PC remotely.

Bridge.inf malicious file is generally distributed through spam mail attachments, downloading freeware programs and clicking on the links on infectious websites. Quickly run a powerful scan to your computer in order to detect any malicious program.


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