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Tag: Remove and restore ‘.DREAM’ encrypted files on MAC OS Ransomware Removal In Detail is a file-encrypting Ransomware threat. Security researchers have found it be a variant of Globe Imposter Ransomware that was very much active in 2017. Ransomware is distributed through spam mail attachments containing payloads of the threat. The attachments contains the macro-enabled document that allows the download of the ransomware threat on the computer system. Ransomware

Once the Ransomware successfully installed, it momentarily starts the encryption process. And the encrypted data are locked with ‘.DREAM’ extension. For example, ‘myhomepics.jpeg‘ is renamed to ‘myhomepics.jpeg.DREAM.’ The ransomware targets the documents, images, video and audio files, PDFs and databases to encrypt them and append with .DREAM extension. (more…)

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