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Remove survey pop-ups from ISP Evaluation Overview is a dubious webpage that appears as ISP Evaluation pop-up. It asks user to perform a survey related to Internet services and you can have a chance to win an Iphone or other attractive prize. However, performing surveys to this page could be risky. As these data are collected to push filtered advertisements upon the browser to gain user’s attention and generate pay-per-click revenue out of it. Also can be misused by unknown sources.


These survey pop-ups appear on the browser accidentally when it is infected with any Adware or PUP. Adware silently modifies browser’s default settings that forces the browser to redirect to URL. redirect page is purposely designed to draw traffic on sponsored pages to earn profit. This is just a scam and is only tends to attract users by showing fake offers. You may not get anything instead will lose your private details.
This can be very annoying while surfing and can trick you in many ways. Thus, users are advised not to click on such pop-ups as it could drop more adware or threats to the negotiated computer system. If you are constantly being redirected to web page, then quickly follow the removal guide.


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