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How to Remove eula.rtf file from PC

What is eula.rtf file

eula.rtf is a safe and legitimate file that stands for End User License Agreement. 

We all know that this file is attached with every software program containing the documentation of necessary rights and permission given to the user. So, it is very easy for the cyber criminals to misuse this file and embed infectious codes and malicious scripts to them and easily slip inside the targeted PC without being noticed.

Kiwee and KeySpy are examples using eula.rtf file that can be used to show commercials, pop-ups and redirect browser to annoying pages. eula.rtf file could also be used by the Ransomware authors that encrypts data found on the victims PC to demand ransom.

Due to its legitimacy, eula.rtf can easily bypass the firewall and installed anti-virus program, thus is being misused by the cyber crooks. But the point is, how to detect such malicious files on our PC that violates our privacy and hampers the PC.

eula.rtf are protected files that cannot be edited without the owners permission, even its removal could hamper the performance of associated software application. However, changing the ownership rights could help you remove these type of file. But you should be tech-savvy for this, as if anything goes wrong then it would raise other issues on your computer system.

The problem with these files is that they are protected by ownership rights and their removal is typically quite complicated. Luckily, you can change these ownership rights and successfully remove the program from your computer.


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