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Remove Search Pulse extension(

Search Pulse hijacker

Search Pulse is a dubious search engine that provides misleading search results. It is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that has the ability modify crucial settings of the attacked web browser.
Search Pulse takes the advantage of freeware distribution method known as bundling to drop inside the web browser without seeking user’s permission. And once installed, it replaces the existing homepage, search engine, and new tab URL address redirects to

Remove Search Pulse
Search Pulse fails to display useful results to the searched keywords entered on their search bar and records them for supporting advertising campaigns. It is tricky to remove this extension or reset the browser settings as it appears again and again until it’s all associated files are not been removed from the system. So, it is better not to waste your time and quickly opt for automatic removal methods to completely remove Search Pulse and browser redirect virus from your PC.

Remove hijacker from browsers hijacker is a browser hijacker that changes the default homepage settings without user’s permission. This dubious search engine comes along with Search Pulse web extension that claims to offer easy and enhanced surfing experience of users. But as you install this extension, it will mess up your entire browser and replaces the existing homepage URL to “” and changes the default search preferences to its own search engine.

Remove Pulse) is meant to deliver advertisements and links within the search results shown by its search engine. Using its services, you will never be satisfied with the information provided by it. Also, this notorious program uses tracking cookies to collects user’s surfing keywords and use them for advertising purposes. The cookies stored within the browsers contains various information like visited sites details, keywords, logins and many others to give users an enhanced surfing. But programs like take its advantage for illegal benefits. Thus, users are advised to quickly remove and its associated extensions from the browsers as soon as possible.

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