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The post is about “” its occurrence, impact on the infected browser and removal instructions. Please read the guide carefully and follow the step-by-step removal procedure to get rid of this browser hijacker. is a perky homepage that may appear as a legit search provider on your browser. Well, this is not true as this website silently strikes on the commonly used browser like Google chrome, Mozilla , IE and opera. It makes its way to your browser through freeware downloads or promotional adverts. And once successfully installed, it attempts to hijack the default browser by changing the existing settings of homepage, new tab and search engine.

Your altered homepage could appear as:


Using for carrying out your searches could be risky. As, it aims to push paid ads, links and third-party sponsored contents all over your browser to earn its own revenue. Not only that, this nasty homepage hijacker could spy around your browsing activities and gather all important data to sell them to third party for serving marketing campaigns.
So, it is better to remove homepage hijacker from your browser and other Adware programs from the PC.

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