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Tag: Remove Monero (XMR) miner Miner Removal solution Overview is a JavaScript Miner program that allows to embed a Monero (XMR) miner directly into the website. The miner itself does not have any user Interface and is only runs by being embedded within webpages, fake apps or any other means which can be deployed by its user. Thus, can arrive on your device through fake downloads, clicking on fake ads or infected links on webpages. Such programs claim to be a useful web extension, but it is a miner that is disguised to exploit your system’s resources for generating their own revenue. It utilizes 80% of the computer’s processor that compromises the computer’s resources and slow down its performance. Monero Miner program could steal your personal and financial data and send them to remote servers. It also bombards lots of fake warnings, alerts and pop-ups on your screen to misguide you. As results your computer will undergo slower network accessibility and poor performance. Until Monero Miner Trojan program is present on your computer, worst is still to occur. Delete Monero Miner Trojan program from the PC.


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