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Tag: Remove Nengine.dll from task manager

Remove Nengine.dll Adware(NewNext Helper)

What is Nengine.dll file

Nengine.dll is a malicious Dynamic Link Library file that is recognized as a harmful Adware program. This notorious adware is developed by “NewNextDotMe”. And the file is associated with “NewNext Helper” Search engine program which is also detected as a PUP(Potentially unwanted program). As this program hijacks the browser and alters its default settings of homepage, new tab and search engine. Infected browsers could load up slowly and cause random redirects to unknown URLs. Not only that, Nengine.dll along with NewNext Helper will further raise many issues to the system like degraded performance, sluggish behaviour, unknown program shortcuts, high network usage and other Adware intrusion.

Nengine.dll or NewNext Helper is generally distributed through freeware downloads or clicking on ads that appears on infected web pages. The file is located under “C:\Program Files or C:\Windows\System32” and may throw unexpected errors sometimes. So, if you are facing similar issues due to Nengine.dll, then you should quickly opt for powerful and effective removal solution to get rid of it.


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