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Tag: Remove From MAC OS

Remove browser hijacker hijacker is a browser hijacker program that changes the default web browser’s settings. This might be unfavourable to you as your default homepage, new tab and search engine settings. Along with that, it also adds its program shortcut on the desktop to launch automatically. This unwanted program interfere with the browsing by showing misleading search results loaded with plenty of advertisements and paid links. These links when clicked could redirect to third-party websites to earn pay-per-click revenue. browser hijacker is also detected as by the AV vendors that is not considered as safe. You may wonder how you got this hijacker program installed on your computer. This mostly happens when user downloads freeware programs that contains additional programs within. When user installs the said program then, the additional ones like gets automatically installed without seeking any further permission. Thus, users are advised to opt for “custom” installation option at the time installing any software programs. So, if you have got hijacker installed on the browser and you are seeking for removal, then quickly opt for automatic removal solution.

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