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Tag: Remove Search Anonymo extension ( hijacker)

Remove Search Anonymo extension ( hijacker)

Search Anonymo Overview

Search Anonymo is advertised as a helpful extension that provides tool to safe browsing without the personal and browsing data being traced. It urges users to switch from their default search provider to Search Anonymo by downloading its extension offered on their homepage But you must know that nothing comes for free, so as Search Anonymo which takes the advantage of user’s cautiousness and present its own set of results. These are actually sponsored by third party to gain traffic for which in return their earn revenue out of it.

Remove Search Anonymo (

Thus, you could be restricted from getting trusted search results and instead help advertisers for their benefit. Also, Search Anonymo hijacker will capture your whole browser and not allow you to reset back your default settings. In conclusion, you Search Anonymo is a worthless extension that has no any useful reason to keep on your browser. Follow the removal guide and reset your browser back to normal.


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