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Remove hijacker hijacker is not a worthy search program as it comes along with The Reading Hub extension. Although, this extension appears to be useful as it claim to read ebooks from various platforms. But once you add this extension, it will alter browser settings along with homepage, new tab and search engine to Also, it adds unwanted toolbars and quick links to various visited websites which could be risky. As, this search hijacker interferes users surfing by sending the search queries entered by the users to third-party servers and then present results loaded with paid adverts and links.
These unwanted stuffs will only interfere with your browsing but also infect your PC with more destructive threats.



Thus, it is no doubt in saying that is a browser hijacker that has the main intention to show dubious search results. It redirects all your search queries to third party sites in order to create fake web traffic for dubious sites. This could seriously affect user’s online activities and mislead of resources.

What’s worse, uses cookies to track the browsing data of users to load up more advertisements. You must keep away from PC.


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