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How to Remove hijacker Overview is a browser hijacker that fails to deliver trusted search results to users. It attempts to change the default settings of the browsers like Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Edge and many so. This hijacker is usually dropped through free extensions or bundled software programs as additional contents. never seeks users permission to be installed. And once mounted, it will capture the control of the browser and each time while surfing, it presents lots of sponsored ads and links instead of displaying trusted search results. So users are refrained from getting the worthy results and are only bothered by non-stop advertisements. Read more…

Technical Details of

Type Browser Hijacker
Risk level High
Description is a browser hijacker that replaces the existing homepage to redirect users to unknown webpages..
Occurrence Freeware installation, Visiting suspicious websites, Browser Redirection and spam mail attachments..
Possible Symptoms Deliver of Fake error warnings, avoid visiting useful web address, Change of browser settings and adding up start-up codes to Registry Editor.
Detection Tool

Download the Detection toolTo confirm attack of virus on your computer. may not be harmful itself and is only meant to serve sponsored contents to build traffic for third-party sites and earn its commission. But still, this search program should not be welcomed as the ads displayed within the pages could contain harmful links that upon clicking may drop other infectious programs. is just not a trustworthy program as it also risks the private data of users. Quickly read the details for the threat or straight away go for the removal solution and switch back to your default browsing preferences.


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