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Remove hijacker program hijacker mounts as a legitimate search helper program offered by Search Swapper extension. This search program delivers results from Yahoo so as to appear a legitimate search engine. But soon you will experience an awful browsing as this search engine redirects to questionable websites. And even mislead by showing irrelevant search results. is generally mounted on your browser while you download any dubious extension like Search Swapper. Such extensions are bundled within unsafe downloads of freeware, fake media download links, and other unreliable sources.
Once mounted on your browser, extension will claim to ease user’s surfing. But it does not fulfill its promises and silently changes browser settings to disguise search provider.
It will never display useful results and drops various sponsored links that keep redirecting you to unknown web addresses. Also, whenever you request for any URL, it will be automatically redirected to any questionable webpage showing lot more of adverts.
Moreover, all your search queries will also be recorded and send off to third party in order to load up plenty of banners, coupons and commercial ads at the time of surfing. This could seriously affect user’s online activities and mislead of resources. Thus, users need to pay more attention while surfing and quickly remove hijacker. Similar browser hijacker programs are:,,

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