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Trojan.CyberGate.A Virus(How to Remove)

Trojan.CyberGate.A Overview

Trojan.CyberGate.A is detected as CyberGate Remote Access Trojan. This is a severe risky program that is used by cyber criminals to remotely take control over the targeted computer system. The features of the program is similar to one like TeamViewer that is used for providing technical assistance remotely and for official purposes. But CyberGate RAT use this feature for illegal benefits. There are various platform that provide free code to build the program for Trojan.CyberGate.A such as Website[.]cybergate-rat[.]org and Sinister[.]ly.

Trojan.CyberGate.A is distributed through fake PDF files, images or just any document file which are deployed on unverified websites and other sources. When user click on the link associated with them, then the code is executed to connect to the server of CyberGate. Trojan.CyberGate.A modifies windows registry and runs with the system boot. Additionally, the threat may take the name of ‘svchost.exe’ file that is a genuine file for windows and is necessary for running other applications. Thus, it is easily hide its identity and confuse active anti-malware programs.
Computer users who have detected Trojan.CyberGate.A on their PC might notice some icons missing on their desktop and other legitimate applications like installed AV program could fail to respond correctly. Thus, users should avoid clicking or downloading any files from unknown sites and quickly run an effective anti-malware tool to detect and remove Trojan.CyberGate.A from the PC.


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