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Remove VulkanRT browser hijacker

VulkanRT hijacker

VulkanRT is categorised as a browser hijacker program that targets widely used browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. It compromises crucial browser settings by altering homepage, search engine and new tab. Thus, the affected browser redirects to third-party pages that floods the whole browser with sponsored links and advertisements. Apart from modifying browser settings, VulkanRT browser hijacker program also messes up system settings, modifies windows registry, creates program shortcuts and schedule tasks within the task manager under the name
VulkanRT is being distributed through freeware downloads from untrusted sources and installs without seeking user’s permission. And once in, it starts its suspicious activities and also risk user’s privacy. Thus, it is not recommended to keep VulkanRT hijacker program inside your PC for long. Quick run a powerful scan to your system to locate and remove all its associated files.

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