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Remove waysot.dll malicious file

What is waysot.dll file

waysot.dll is an unsafe file that is located within ‘c:\users\%USERNAME%\appdata\local\’ folder. The file does not provide any information related to its owner. Also the file is detected as Trojan.Proxy Agent that is used to steal private and confidential data of users.
So, you might face troubles because of this file. This spiteful program that drags away all the PC resources and makes its performance dull. Presence of such a malicious file means your computer is infected with any sort of malware that usually comes along with drive-by-downloads, visiting malicious webpages and clicking of pop-ups. waysot.dll alters registry settings to auto launch its program. Thus, what you can expect from this malicious thing is to bring in more harmful programs inside your negotiated PC. Besides that, waysot.dll can make browsing slow and also redirect users to annoying webpages along with ads, pop-ups and sponsored links all over the browser. Quickly follow the removal guide to end all issues caused by waysot.dll.


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