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Tag: Remove xVidly From MAC OS

How to Remove XVidly Adware

What is xVidly?

xVidly is an Adware program that distributed variety of advertisements on the browser. Although, it claims to be a useful download manager that can easily manage your online downloads. But it failed to keep its promise and is primarily uses its platform to distribute advertisements to earn its own profit. xVidly is promoted on its official webpage and is developed Jottix in 2013.

Once you download this free tool, it will customize the whole browser as replaces the existing homepage, new tab and search engine address to its own one. Along with that, you will notice unknown toolbars added on the start page of your browser that will keep interfering with your browsing. While using its services, you may be redirected to unknown web pages along with plenty of ads and suspicious links. Clicking on them could drive potentially unwanted programs to your PC. In addition to these, Ads by xVidly keeps tracking cookie to look up for user’s the browsing information in lure to deliver ads related to their interest. So, if you have got xVidly Adware installed then, you should quickly get rid of it to have an uninterrupted browsing.



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