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Tag: Remove “Your device is under threat Alert” From MAC OS

Remove Your device is under threat Alert tech scam pop-ups

What is “Your device is under threat Alert” pop-ups and how to block it?

Your device is under threat Alert is a tech scam window that appears suddenly on the web browser after user has visited any malicious website. This scamming windows replicates the look of “Windows defender security” that states “Your device is under threat Alert” and you need to call on the provided tech support number for immediate assistance. However, users who are not aware of such tactics might get scared and believe in them to make a call. But they soon end up being cheated by fake services or software products.

The “Your device is under threat Alert” message could appear like this:

Windows defender security center

Your device is under threat.

Last threat scan: 11/10/2017

Last threat definition update: 11/10/2017

Last threat scan: 11/10/2017

Turn on Real-time protection? Yes/No

Virus & Threat Protection

Real-time protection is off.

Leaving your device vulnerable

Device performance & health

No action needed

Firewall & network Protection

No action needed

Turn On

Your device is under threat Alert” pop-ups makes browsing difficult for users as they are appears again and again even after closing the tab or the browser itself. However, user may try to end up this message by ending the process under the task manager window.

Web browser: Process name to end:

Internet Explorer- iexplore.exe

Chrome -chrome.exe

Firefox- firefox.exe

Safari- Safari.exe

Opera- opera.exe

This may help you stop the message but if you attempt opening the malicious pages or click any harmful links shown on untrusted sites, then this issue may happen again and again. Also, “Your device is under threat Alert” pop-ups appears when the browser is infected with any sort of Adware which hides it identity within the name of any extensions, toolbars or add-ons. So we suggest you to run powerful and effective removal tool to detect and troubleshoot the issue. And remember not to call on their provided number. It is just a scam to trick you.


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