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Tag: Remove Zminer.exe from task manager

Zminer.exe Miner. How to Remove?

Zminer.exe Miner Utilizes 90% of the CPU resources…Read the full article…

Zminer.exe is a crypto-miner program that stealthy uses the CPU resources of the attacked PC for mining process. This is a clever technique used by cyber-offenders to cheat novice users and earn quick profit. As crypto-currency like Bitcoins, Monero and Dashcoin and so on are trending so much and have become a medium to earn extra money.

But cyber-criminals are taking advantage of it and using malicious programs like Zminer.exe that disguises along with freeware installation. And once installed, it runs silently within the system background and consume all the available CPU resources for mining crypto-currency.

Such threats have no any visible symptoms except user may notice sluggish system performance, unknown tasks running within the task manager window that take more than 70% of the resources. Zminer.exe must be removed at its earliest.


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