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Remove Extension Overview is a search extension for chrome browser that claims as “Make every search private”. This means using this extension can help your searches being protected and avoid being traced by third-party.

However, once mounted, extension will change all your default browser settings as it comes with built-in search engine Thus, whenever you enter any search term in your address bar, this search engine will redirect your searches to other sites then your default Google or any preferred search engine. Although, extension encrypts the searches before sending it but it can still be traced by its developers who can trace your system related info and your browsing details. These details might be used for other unknown purposes.

Remove Chrome Extension

You may generally install extension through any promotional link appearing while visiting any pages or performing similar searches. Similar like Private Search by

So, if you want to switch back to your previous browsing preferences, then quickly follow the removal guide. It is better to remove this extension.



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