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How to Remove TeslaCrypt 3.0 Ransomware-.mp3 file extension

TeslaCrypt 3.0 Overview

TeslaCrypt 3.0“TeslaCrypt 3.0” Ransomware is a revised version of TeslaCrypt ransomware that has now become more powerful and targeting huge number of computer users around the globe. Normally, we see .mp3 as a normal audio files extension but the criminals have used this extension as their tool to encrypt files on your PC and lock them. Like its earlier version, TeslaCrypt 3.0 is also mainly dropped through spam mail attachments. On successfully installed, it creates a separate folder under the window’s directory containing a file “‘_H_e_l_p_RECOVER_INSTRUCTIONS .txt” that contains the instructions to pay the ransom. The victim may be demanded of $500 USD in BitCoin, PayPal or My Cash Cards. We strongly suggest victims not to pay any money and opt for effective recovery tool to restore the files.


As the Ransom viruses are spreading in number with variety of names and aliases. It is very important to protect our important files, business documents, personal photographs and videos. Thus experts recommends always keeping a backup of such files that not only prevents victims paying huge amount of ransom but also help them to get their data protected.zipcloud


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