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Tag: uninstall “a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” program from windows PC

Remove “a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” virus

“a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” Overview

As the name suggest “a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” is a variant of Win32/KeyLogger family particularly categorized as a harmful Trojan. This Trojan is distributed through other malicious codes found within spam mail attachments and pornographic sites. “a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” injects lots of nasty codes and spreads its files within various locations on the target PC. This makes its removal nearly impossible or extreme difficult. The Win32/KeyLogger Trojans are specifically programmed to record the keystrokes of users when they visit secured websites, perform any useful tasks or log on to their email accounts. It then collects info like banking data including usernames and passwords and send them to a remote server.
The trojan threat can also be used to download other malicious codes from the Host server or network to take control over the attacked PC. If you have detected “a variant of Win32/KeyLogger.Ardamax” Trojan on your PC, then without any delay follow the complete removal steps.


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