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Tag: Uninstall BringMeSports by Mindspark Interactive

Remove BringMeSports extension from browser

BringMeSports is an unwanted browser extension…Read full article

BringMeSports is browser extension offered by Mindspark Interactive. The extension is advertised as an easy way to get access to live streaming of various sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey and more. But if you agree to install this extension, then it will modify the whole look of your browser and also interrupt with the way your surfed before.
BringMeSports extension changes the default homepage, search engine and new tab of the browser along with various bundled toolbars and items are added on top of the browser like play games, weather alerts and many more.

Remove BringMeSports


Thus, you may see its homepage replaced by as default while opening the new tab. So, once you start surfing it redirects the searches to third-party sites loading with unwanted ads, pop-ups and sponsored links. It never provides the desired search results. It aims to endorse third party adverts and links to earn its revenue.
BringMeSports acts like an Adware cum browser hijacker that restricts users to perform their searches as well as display ads.

You may get this extension from its homepage But most often, this extension is installed at the time of downloading other freeware programs which never ask for user’s permission to be installed on the browser. BringMeSports keeps its keen watch on all online activities of users, collects data, visited site info, email address and many so. Of course, you never may want your personal data to be misused or your privacy be tainted. Thus, BringMeSports toolbar along with its other components be removed quickly.


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