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Remove Bvhost.exe Electroneum CPU Miner

Bvhost.exe Overview

Bvhost.exe is a CPU Miner program that utilizes the resources of the attacked PC to mine for digital currency here is Electroneum. This trojan miner program is distributed through RIG exploit kit that are embedded within hacked websites. If user visits such sites, then the payloads of the malware gets silently dropped inside the system and further installs the Bvhost.exe Miner.
Once successfully installed, it runs within the system’s background and connects to the pool at to mine the digital currency.
User may not have the idea about its existence, but could notice some unusual behaviours. Although, user can track the process called Bvhost.exe running in the task manager window that shows 90% of the CPU usage. As the mining process needs a lot of CPU resources and electricity supply, so it will result in sluggish performance of the computer as well as arise other issues like slow game loading, videos cannot be played, antivirus installed could show error reports or so. The browsers also may redirect to questionable pages and at times get struck. All these activities happens without the permission of users to make profit by using your resources. So if you have noticed, Bvhost.exe process running inside your computer, then you must not delay to remove it.


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