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List of Malicious Chrome Extensions that has impacted Over 500,000 Users

Be Watchful! Four Malicious Extensions Had managed to infect 500,000 users

Malicious chrome extensions continue to pose threat for users. According to recent reports by ICEBRG, four Chrome extensions have been marked as “malicious”. The malicious extensions
can be downloaded through the official Chrome Web Store claiming to be featuring genuine.


But instead, they are designed to run malicious javascript codes within the background of the targeted browser to allow cyber offenders send and execute commands remotely. The main motive behind this approach was to earn profit through clicking on ads by loading multiple sites on the browser. This is known as “click fraud”. Also, the four fake extensions are used to search engine manipulation to gain more traffic on low ranked webpages. Through these extensions the authors could also connect to corporate networks and collect sensitive details and information.
Various major organizations along with over 500,000 users were affected in recent times.

Here we present the names of the four malicious Chrome extensions which you should never have:

  • Nyoogle(ppmibgfeefcglejjlpeihfdimbkfbbnm) – Custom Logo for Google
  • Lite Bookmarks (ginfoagmgomhccdaclfbbbhfjgmphkph)-removed from Store
  • Stickies(mpneoicaochhlckfkackiigepakdgapj) – Chrome’s Post-it Notes
  • Change HTTP Request Header (djffibmpaakodnbmcdemmmjmeolcmbae)-(removed from Store)

When the security researchers at , ICEBRG detected the malicious behavior by the four listed extensions, they reported the same to the National Cyber Security Centre of The Netherlands (NCSC-NL), the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), and the Google Safe Browsing Operations team. So, the request had been already made to remove the extensions, but Nyoogle is still available on the Chrome Web Store. So user should refrain themselves to install it on their browser. Many users might be still running these extensions on their browsers, so if you are reading this post check for the malicious extensions on your chrome browser and quickly remove them.
We also recommend users to perform a scan on their devices to detect and remove all the traces of the malware and troubleshoot other issues.


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