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Tag: uninstall KOOL Player program from windows PC

Remove KOOL Player Adware

What is KOOL Player?

KOOL Player is an ad-supported software program that is generally installed along with bundled freeware installers. From it outlook, it might appear to be useful as it claims to offer better view of videos and games on the web. But it also shows various unusual behaviours that could bother you while surfing.

Remove KOOL player update pop-upYou suddenly get KOOL Player update pop-up upon your browser only when your browser is controlled by some potentially unwanted program. It is advertised not to click on this pop-up as it will silently install the PUP onto your computer that may cause trouble for you. KOOL Player adware also changes the default settings of the browser that causes random redirections and flood the whole browser with numerous advertisements to earn profit. KOOL Player update pop-ups should not be entertained and removed quickly from the browser.



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