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Tag: Vghost.exe overloads CPU

Remove Vghost.exe BitCoin miner

Vghost.exe Miner overloads the CPU…

Vghost.exe is a Bitcoin miner program that uses the resources of the attacked PC to mine for crypto currency without the permission of users. It aims to earn profit for its owners with the expenses of innocent users.

Users are generally not aware of the existence of Vghost.exe as it imitates to be any legit program or process. You can get this trojan program along with freeware downloads or performing fake updates. As soon as, Vghost.exe gets installed it adds registry codes to auto-launch its process within the task manager. And consume all resources available for mining the crypto-currency like Bitcoin. While the mining process is going on, users may face various troubles working on their system as all the CPU and GPU resources are being utilized for the purpose of mining.

Along with negotiating system resources, this destructive program could carry out other illicit tasks. Soon your PC could be crashed down. Quickly follow the removal instructions to ensure complete removal of Vghost.exe Miner virus.


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