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Butler Miner Program.How to Remove?

Butler Miner Utilizes 90% of the CPU resources…Read the full article…

Butler Miner is a cryptocurrency miner program which aims to utilize the CPU and GPU resources of the attacked computer system. The malware program eats entire resources to mine for cryptocurrency mainly Monero coins. Users are generally not aware of the happenings on their PC as keeps its identity hidden. The presence of Butler Miner program could result in sluggish system performance, applications may stuck at times and also affect the hardware.

Butler Miner virus is generally distributed through spam mail attachments that appears to be from legitimate source containing convincing subjects. But as user opens the attached documents, it starts downloading the payloads of the malware and installs it. There are other social engineering methods through which your computer can get this infection like: updating software programs from fake links or websites, downloading freeware and playing online games. Once installed, it does lots of changes to the system and adds files to various locations on the PC. It then connects to the mining pool of cryptocurrency, it may use  XMRig which then runs the script to mine for the coins. Butler Miner program drops code to auto-launch along with the start of the windows and overloads the CPU for its mining process. User may notice “explorer.exe” process running under task manager window which assist the mining process by consuming the CPU resources. Along with that, you can see an application window called “mgdisk” opening that appears as below:butler-miner-software-how-to-remove-it

Being a Trojan threat, Butler Miner can also be used to steal private and confidential data stored on the system and also execute other malicious tasks without the consent of users. Thus, it is advised to remove Butler Miner along with its other associated files from the computer to ensure complete removal.


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