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COM surrogate Virus Removal Guide

COM surrogate Overview

COM surrogate is an infective process that imitates the name of genuine Windows OS process named as “Component Object Model”. More precisely, you can see this process running under task manager by the name “dllhost.exe”. This file is actually a legitimate core file that is necessary for creating the interface of COM objects in Windows OS. But many cyber offenders use the name of this genuine process to disguise the malicious version of this process. This malicious process is often detected as a Trojan Horse. Users may face various issues on the computer as it keeps running within the task manager and execute malicious tasks. The COM surrogate fake version process can be used by cyber criminals to steal confidential data, drop other threats, establishes remote connections and hampers other running applications.

Users may not understand that COM surrogate is safe or not. Well, the answer to this question is clear that it is a safe process and thus removing this process manually could hamper the window’s functionality and you could start getting errors. So, it is recommended to quickly run a powerful scan to your infected system, that will detect any threat by COM surrogate name and remove it without damaging other applications.


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