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Remove englishtothai.exe from task manager

What is englishtothai.exe file

englishtothai.exe is an executable file and is a part of “EnglilshToThai”. However, the file has no information about the company owned or the valid signature. The file is usually located under  ‘c: \programfiles \englilshtothai \’ and the file size is approx 1773568.00 byte.
If you are facing troubles because of this file then it may possible that your computer might have got the infected or the malicious version of the file. Many cyber offenders imitates the name of legitimate files to intrude inside the users PC and perform malicious actions. You must check the location of the file englishtothai.exe. Also if the file is illegitimate, it may take huge CPU resources for illegal actions like mining of digital currency, establishing remote connections and receiving instructions from unknown servers and so. Quickly run a powerful scan to your computer in order to detect any malicious program.


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