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Tag: What is PUA.SecureDriverUpdater

Remove PUA.SecureDriverUpdater program

What is PUA.SecureDriverUpdater?

PUA.SecureDriverUpdater is a considered to be a potentially unwanted application. It may promote itself as a useful application to assist users about driver updates. But in lure of that, it may encourage the download of other harmful programs that could negotiate the resources of the PC.
You have landed at this page, this means either you are facing troubles with this PUA or your anti-virus had detected this threat, but it is not able to remove it completely. So, first you need to know how it arrived on your PC. Such unwanted programs are generally distributed through freeware bundles, promotional ads and performing fake updates within hacked webpages. Once, PUA.SecureDriverUpdater installs on the PC successfully, it brings various changes to the system by adding new registry keys, initiating its process within task manager and shutting-down default/installed security program. Soon after that, it runs within the system’s background and displays fake scan reports of errors on the PC that can mislead users. And keep on alerting to make users believe into current condition of their computer and pay for its services or buy it full-version program to fix the issues. This PUA not only aims to extort money from users by illicit ways but even risk their privacy. Thus, users should not delay removing PUA.SecureDriverUpdater malware from the PC.



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