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Remove Relieve Stress Paint Trojan(Facebook data stealing)

Relieve Stress Paint Overview

Relieve Stress Paint is found to be a malicious program that pretends itself to be entertaining as it provides anti-stress paintings for kids and adults. Although, this tool comes free of cost and can attract users due to its interesting concept. But Relieve Stress Paint may cost your online privacy as its primary aim is to steal data of Facebook users and their personal identifiable information. Such data can lead to identity frauds and are used for other misleading actions.

Relieve Stress Paint program is also detected as a harmful Trojan Horse program that is being distributed through fake download links on hacked websites like This website might appear to be legitimate but actually promotes the installation of Relieve Stress Paint malware.

The promotional advertisement presented by the appears as:
Relieve Stress Paint. Download, It’s free. Relieve fatigue, long-term work pressure! Improve your work needs for your brain; it’s the most important! Inspirational ideas. Music production, graphics production, documentation! When these lose their inspiration, open it and move around.

Once user downloads the program considering it be useful, but are unaware of the fact that they are inviting data stealing trojan threat that will ruin their entire privacy.

After Relieve Stress Paint program is successfully installed, it connects to the Facebook account of the users within the background and attempts to collect as much data as it can. All your Facebook details like login credentials, searched keywords, location, about data and also track cookies to collect all your sessions. Users may also notice non-stop redirects to unknown websites that contains lots of advertisements. Thus, users must be careful while downloading Relieve Stress Paint malware and if somehow got installed then, quickly follow the removal guide. Also see the guidelines to be stay safe on Facebook.


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