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How to Remove CIA Special Agent 767 virus and Unlock Windows PC

The CIA Special Agent 767 Overview

The CIA Special Agent 767 is a malicious program that is out in the blue as a threatening Trojan Horse. This malware programs actually the window’s desktop and displays a note as…

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! Unfortunately the files on this computer (documents, photos, videos) have been encrypter using an extremely secure and unbreakable algorithm.
This means that the files are now useless unless they are decrypted using a key.
The good news is that your files are not lost forever! This tool is able to rescue the files on your computer for you!

In 5 days however, the price of this service will increase to $250 USD, and after $500 USD. Payment is accepted in Bitcoin only. You can purchase Bitcoin very easily in your area by bank transfer, Western Union, or even cash. Visit to find a seller in your area. You can also goolge Bitcoin Exchanges to find other methods for buying Bitcoin Please check the current price of Bitcoin and ensure you are sending the correct amount before making your payment!
Visit for the current Bitcoin Price. After making your payment, please wait up to 24 hours for us to make your key available. Usually done in much less time however. IMPORTANT: Once the key is available and you click \”Decrypt Files\”, please wait and let the decryption process complete before closing this tool. This Process can take from 15 minutes to 2+ hours depending on how many files need to be decrypted. You will get a notification that the decryption process is complete, at which time you can click \”Exit\”. Removing this tool from your computer without first decrypting your files will cause your files to be lost forever. Bitcoin Address: (edited)

*Please note that early bird qualification is determined from the date that this tool was first run as recorded on our servers.

The CIA Special Agent 767 encrypts files of the target PC and demands a ransom of $100 to be paid in bitcoins in order to recover them.

The CIA Special Agent 767 is disseminated through several illegal sources like email attachments, visiting malicious websites, or exploit kits that takes the advantage of vulnerabilities of the PC to get installed.

Once installed, The CIA Special Agent 767 replaces the desktop wallpaper to its ransom page pretending to from the CIA which is particularly designed to trick and scare users and paying illegally.

Remove CIA Special Agent 767 virus

The victims are given a time period of 5 days to pay the ransom of $100 in bitcoins as the recovery fees. Also, The CIA Special Agent 767 ransomware threat states that after the ransom amount is paid and the payment process is verified, your files will be unlocked.

But before you agree to pay, you must know that The CIA Special Agent 767 malware is not going to delete or encrypt any of your files.  It is just a scam and a fatal virus that can be removed using effective removal tool.


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