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Tag: What is Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper

How to Remove Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper virus

Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper Overview

Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper is severe computer infection that has the ability of render many of the important files on the PC useless or in not working condition. This virus is unlikely to run in operating systems later than Windows XP. Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper is reported to be distributed through infecting the master boot record (MBR) on connected hard disks and floppy disks.

In a clear way, it can be said that that virus copies itself to the floppy disks inserted to the infected PC and then is distributed further to another PC when the infected disk is inserted. Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper stealthy hides its traces and mainly targets read/write BIOS service that makes the files unstable. This is a very risky trojan virus that should be treated with cautious and attempting to delete its traces manually could damage the whole PC. Thus, quickly follow the removal guide to completely remove Virus:DOS/JackTheRipper virus.


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