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Remove “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” pop-up

“You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” Overview

“You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” is a misleading pop-up that attracts users by offering some promotional gift. In order the claim the prize users need to perform a quick survey. But it is nothing more than a scam that pretends to be from the Microsoft page to make users believe in that. But as soon as user clicks on the prize to claim, it redirects to another page that asks users to go for survey.

“You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!”


The “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” pop-up is shown from a redirected page This redirection mostly occurs when the browser is infected with any potentially unwanted program like fake extensions, plug-ins or so. Also, users are redirected to webpage while clicking any unknown link or visiting unverified webpages. So users must not believe in such pop-up alerts and quickly go for finding effective removal solution.

Also, clicking on Soon, you will realize your browser to be controlled by this fake web domain that you will have hard time surfing on such a tainted browser. Thus, “You have won (1) Microsoft Gift today!” homepage redirect should be removed at its earliest.


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